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Speed to market


"Speed to market has become increasingly important as retail looks for the design/color/fabrics that will increase sales. The Brikl system drives this innovation into reality coupling manufacturing at the source with digitization and design of samples. Review and decisions can be made quickly using virtual samples. Brikl’s total system works for both the manufacturer and the retailer and should be in your tool box for long term success."

Former SVP of Global Operations for Hanesbrands, Kim McAleer, USA

Reduce the time

Sourcing Consultant

"The design and sample development take the most time to bring a product to market. Brikl will reduce the timeline and save costs with real time tech packs and virtual samples which are easily shared. Changes and brand customization are straightforward. This results in shorter lead times which are key to meet today’s fast paced consumer demands. "

Marcia Clark, Sourcing Consultant, USA

Revolutionize apparel

Spica Elastic

"BrikL is an amazing concept that is set to revolutionize the way the apparel industry works and the amount of time and money an apparel company spends making samples. With digitized samples readily available to users, it will be much easier to find the perfect fabric or accessories. As a manufacturer of Elastics and trims, I believe that our company would benefit tremendously by having our products digitally available to Designers on BrikL.”

Manish Jaitha, Managing Director, Spica Elastic, India

Virtual prototyping

SGRS Group

“Making and sending garment samples is time consuming. We hope that our hit rate is 50% to 60%, but in reality it is more like 25%. In the future we should be making fewer physical samples and rely more on virtual prototyping with BrikL.”

Shekhar Singh, Director of SGRS Group, Apparel Manufacturer, India

Digitise the process


“Most of our development and sample making process is done through email and Excel. BrikL helps us to digitise this process and speed up development.”

Sam Tan, Director of Utax, Apparel & Trim Manufacturer, Thailand

Market our company


“We want to market our company directly to international buyers. With BrikL we can now easily showcase our sample line and manufacturing capabilities.”

Shafiqur, General Manager FashionOption, Apparel Manufacturer, Bangladesh

Democratise techpacks


“Digitising, standardising and democratising the tech pack exchange process between buyers and makers is well overdue and BrikL looks well on track to deliver something to do just that!”

Mark Aimsworth, Owner of design consultancy Unit9 based, Netherlands

Invite designers


“With BrikL we can invite designers to view our samples online, easily make changes and customise new, one-of-a-kind products.”

Hasnat Mamoon, Managing Director of Aristocrat Fashions, Apparel Manufacturer, Bangladesh

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