Explore new horizons
With BrikL

A B2B collaborative fashion design platform


Virtual Design Studio

You can choose from hundreds of customisable features: fabric textures, colours, prints, trims, accessories, appliqués and more

For Suppliers

Increase your sales

  • Create virtual samples
  • Share with customers
  • Work together real-time

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For Buyers

Design amazing clothing

  • Hundreds of unique features
  • For all fashion creatives
  • Connnect with suppliers

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Simplify your workflow

Build teckpacks and line sheets in minutes without any struggle

Share and collaborate

Invite team members to work together. Exchange in real-time with your customers. Define measurements, fabrics, colours and plenty more.

Customise your samples

Create amazing unique clothing with unlimited possibilities

Connect to the source

Real-time messaging to notify people you are working with

Send your designs

Share your boards and product designs anywhere with anyone

How BrikL works

Follow the life cycle of your designs. From digitisation to approval.

BrikL makes sure you get what you deserve

With BrikL we can invite customers to view our designs online, easily make changes and customise new, one-of-a-kind products

Hasnat Mamoon, Director of Aristocrat Fashions

The best way to understand BrikL is to try it!